Patients Are Saying

"VMDOC gives me direct access to my doctor directly through the app. It makes getting feedback a breeze, and the reminder notifications keep me on track."

"I wished all doctors could implement VMDOC in their practice. This is by far the most convenient app I have ever used. It’s like Facebook for doctors and patients!"

"Not only can you save your records online, but VMDOC acts like a messaging and planning app between you and your doctors. Any important updates my doctor has for me pops up right on my phone!"

Providers Are Saying

Neeraj Kochhar, MD

Former Chief of Staff
El Camino Hospital Los Gatos

"VMDOC has made a huge impact in my practice. My staff and patients absolutely love it! It saves time for both patients and myself. It makes follow-up and appointments a breeze. In addition, as a primary care physician it allows both the patients and my office staff the opportunity to review and monitor treatments rendered at other physicians’ offices. Going forward with reimbursement increasingly being dictated by quality measures, this will serve to be an invaluable asset to my practice."

Nancy H. Vo, DDS

San Jose, CA

"Technology is now all about going mobile and VMDOC brings a simple and convenient mobile solution for patients and doctors. VMDOC allows me to stay constantly engaged with my patients, and always keeps both me and my staff up to date."

Matty Cook, MD

Regenerative Orthopedic and Performance Medicine

"Finally, a technology that brings medical practice to the modern world. VMDOC is more than just an online record database; it’s a full package patient management system that allows us to stay connected with my patients more efficiently and accurately than ever before. It’s now an integral part of the scheduling and marketing process at our clinic."

Shahram S. Gholami


"In the beginning, I saw an immediate need in my clinic for a more efficient way to remind patients of their upcoming appointments than our current method of calling and sending postcards. VMDOC has come a long way since that idea and now has a full suite of features in addition to the automated appointment reminder, but the values have stayed the same. We partner alongside health care providers to offer innovative, personalized medicine."