VM Doc is designed to give physician’s simple, intuitive and on-demand access to the critical and time-sensitive patient care information that is needed to support the pace of medical decision-making.

Our vmCare™ telehealth platform works directly with your current EHR and care delivery systems to give you access to critical patient care information faster and more efficiently.

With VM Doc, your office can run more efficiently, allowing you to spend more time delivering care to your patients. VM Doc simplifies how your entire office interacts with your patient, from appointment scheduling, messaging and reminders, to capturing health status updates and delivering virtual care. By reducing these administrative processes, your staff can spend more time treating, satisfying and retaining your patients.

Patient data is automatically managed in their health passport, including patient input forms, questionnaires and post-care surveys, lab tests and images. By integrating with the leading EHR systems, VM Doc gives any provider on-demand access to this critical patient care information while still maintaining the EHR as the system of record.

We help you overcome the challenges of system interoperability and usability brought on by systems that are designed for data storage and billing, not patient care. vmCare™ enables you to securely deliver the full cycle of care with your patients when and where you want, without changing any of your IT and systems infrastructure.

Workflow Automation
Increases Office
Efficiency and Revenue
Virtual Patient Engagement
Delivers Higher Satisfaction
and Retention
Smart, On-Demand Access to
Patient Data for Immediate
Insight and Faster Care Delivery

"VM Doc has made a huge impact in my practice. My staff and patients absolutely love it! VM Doc allows both patients and my office staff the opportunity to review and monitor treatments rendered at other physicians’ offices. With reimbursement increasingly driven by quality measures, this will be invaluable to my practice."

Dr. Neeraj Kochhar, Former Chief of Staff, El Camino Hospital

"Finally, a technology that brings medical practice to the modern world. VM Doc is a full package patient management system that allows us to stay connected with my patients more efficiently and accurately than ever before. It’s now an integral part of our clinic."

Dr. Matthew Cook, Regenerative Orthopedic and Performance Medicine