As a patient, you expect your health and wellness care to be delivered virtually, wherever and whenever you need.

But you also want better engagement and service from your providers. You need flexibility to take your own medical records to any provider you want without having to continually fill out the same input forms with the same medical history.

VM Doc acts like a digital health passport, allows patients to self-manage their full health data, and automatically share this information with any provider. This enables patients to engage with health and wellness providers in a brand-new way by automating the entire cycle of care across your community of providers.

Everything from finding a doctor and automatically scheduling an appointment, to securely communicating on the status of treatments, to monitoring post-care plans, to accessing and sharing your own medical records is now at your finger-tips, allowing you to engage with providers and manage your care the way you want, when you want.

Schedule and Receive Care from Any Provider Anywhere, Anytime


Input Forms

Video Visits and

Treatment Plans


Record Sharing

What Our Patients Say About VM Doc

Janna P.
"VM Doc gives me direct access to my doctor directly through the app. It makes getting feedback a breeze, and the reminder notifications keep me on track."
Bradley H.
"I wished all doctors could implement VM Doc in their practice. This is by far the most convenient app I have ever used. It’s like Facebook for doctors and patients!"
Sanjay R.
"Not only can you save your records online, but VM Doc acts like a messaging and planning app between you and your doctors. Any important updates my doctor has for me pops up right on my phone!"