We believe healthcare and medical records should be as flexible as you are.
That’s why we created software that connects patients with physicians, and physicians with other health care professionals, in real-time from any device and from any location through a suite of healthcare communication and management tools.

Our Story

Dr. Shahram Gholami, a renowned urologist in Silicon Valley, saw a need in his clinic for a more efficient way to remind patients of their upcoming appointments than their current usage of postcards. He presented the challenge for an automated appointment reminder system to his business partner, Alvin Vo. Having a strong technology background, Vo wrote a new software and, in the process of designing the appointment reminder system, he realized that he needed patient information, such as their phone number and email address, to send out electronic reminders and to streamline the appointment reminder process in Dr. Gholami’s clinic. After reviewing the finished product of Vo’s hard work, they both knew this software could not only aid in Dr. Gholami’s appointment reminders, but also facilitate direct doctor-patient communication and patient-managed records. And from there, VMDOC® was born.

Online appointment booking and reminders are just the tip of the mobile health iceberg for VMDOC, or Virtual Medical Document, as they also offer the ability for patients to set their own health maintenance reminders for things like taking medication, having an annual colonoscopy, or checking their blood sugar.

One feature we are especially proud of is MedQR®, also known as Medical Quick Response. As a frequent traveler, Alvin wanted to have a cloud-based patient medical record system so that useful and important information can be updated and accessed at anytime and anywhere. That is when MedQR® was born, a unique feature that gives the patient peace of mind in knowing they have access to their medical records without having to carry around copious amounts of paper to the doctor’s office. Clinic staff or emergency medical professionals can scan the code with any QR reader and have instant access to all of the patient’s information.

Our Team

Alvin Vo

Co-Founder & CTO

Shahram Shawn Gholami, MD

Co-Founder & CEO

Pedram Salimpour, MD



Aimee Catalano

Neeraj Kochhar, MD

Mark Colella

Julia Rasooly