Dave Anderson
President and Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO, Dave is responsible for directing all aspects of the company strategy, planning and operations. Dave has 25+ years of expertise in developing and commercializing enterprise technology solutions, with a deep focus in digital health.

Prior to joining VM Doc, Dave held senior positions at both large Fortune 250 companies and Silicon Valley startups, most recently as Founder and CEO of Syte Logix, Inc. Dave is a frequent publisher and speaker on data analytics, strategy and corporate performance, focusing on how companies can successfully embrace the speed of innovation to better compete in the market. Dave holds an MBA from Duke University.

Alvin Vo
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder

As CTO, Alvin is responsible to deliver the company’s technical roadmap and solutions that solve the digital health challenges of patients and providers. Alvin has over 20 years experience in senior technology development and leadership roles, with a focus on healthcare IT and a demonstrated history of working in universal health records, HIS, LIS, EHRs, and medical technology.

Prior to VM Doc, Alvin was Senior Manager of IT at Stanford University Medical Center and led the IT efforts for iMedica (Aprima), one of the first Electronic Medical Record companies in the Bay Area. Alvin holds a degree in Computer Science from California State University and received a PMP from Stanford University.