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Automatically Update & Upload

Easy Check In. Easy Check Out.

Paperwork. It’s the very first thing you do when you enter a doctor’s office. Patient Records is a time killer for both you and the nurses. Your appointment is scheduled earlier than necessary for you to fill out the countless sheets of paper. After the information is punched into a database it has to be stored with your signature.

VMDOC’s MediTransfer® electronic registration and cloud record sync allows you to sync up all of your necessary medical and personal contact information with your physician all from your computer, tablet or mobile device. With VMDOC you can update your information before your appointment and simply show up.

Assign access

Update Instantly

Download Anytime

Your Personal Cloud

Records, X-Rays, Prescriptions, & More!

Store all of your medical records in your own personal online cloud. You maintain control. Create a timeline, add documents, add text, or even attach images.

Update it on the fly and even allow your doctor to update items for you. You can also assign access to doctors and hospitals and deny access at any time.

A Patient-Oriented Network

A good doctor is hard to find. A great doctor is on VMDOC.

Find local practitioners close by you and see how they stack up against the competitors with real patient reviews. Search by practice, location, and even ratings.

VMDOC VideoVisit

Connect live with your physician

VMDOC also allows personal video consultations, a feature we call VideoVisit. VideoVisit allows you to connect live with your physician right from your mobile device or desktop computer! You can add a family member to your VideoVisit and also review the experience right on the app after your consultation.

Stay Connected With Your Provider

An easy and instant way to stay connected with your provider

A reminder system keeps you notified via app, email, SMS, or even phone calls for appointments and important events such as picking up your new prescription. Our messaging services are 100% secure and HIPAA compliant.

VMDOC also comes with an easy-to-use booking and scheduling system to make setting up appointments and notifications as easy as click and confirm!

HIPAA Compliant

Your records belong to you.

HIPAA is the US government standards for online medical record security and portability. This means 256-bit SSL secured web servers and just the right protocols to make logging in easy and keeping prying eyes out.