1. Self-managing Appointment

Self-Managing Appointment

Allow patients to make, confirm and change appointments online. Manage a waiting list queue. Let patients know if you are running ahead or behind schedule.


2. Video Visit

Video Visit

Free the practice from quick visits to check a wound or monitoring side effects. Video visits make it easier for the patient to get quick questions answered. Video visits allow the clinician to monitor a wound, or check side effects quickly and efficiently.


3. Patient-Managed Records

Patient-Managed Records

Easy access to all patient records from all their providers. See patient labs and imaging done in ERs, Urgent Cares, outside clinics.


4. Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Quick answers from the front office , nurse, or physician without telephone traige. Open the phone lines to new business. Direct messaging gives access and accountability of health related questions to the right person the first time.


5. Pre and Post Questionnaires

Pre and Post Questionnaires

PRE: Find out about your patients before they show up. Know their medications, their pre-existing conditions so that you can be prepared to treat them before they show up to the clinic, the operating room, the office.

Post: Automatically check up on your patients after a new medication, a change in treatment, a procedure, or a surgery. Ask the right questions early, do automated followup and prevent complications, prevent readmissions.

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