Transforming the Delivery
of Digital Health

Telehealth that works around the patient’s life to efficiently and simply deliver and manage health and wellness care anytime, anywhere, from any provider.

At VM Doc, our highest priority is to simplify how care and wellness is delivered in today's online world to improve the patient's health journey.

VM Doc gives physicians immediate access to the relevant patient care information needed to enable faster, more efficient delivery of care. Rather than endlessly scrolling around in electronic health records, physicians can spend more time actually treating patients and not be burdened with unintuitive, non-interoperable systems that are a leading cause of physician burnout and reduced patient satisfaction.

With VM Doc, patients manage their own medical records through a digital health passport. This allows them to schedule and receive care on their own terms, based on their needs and lifestyle.

Patients can automatically communicate with their physicians regarding their care plans, and can even automatically provide and share their current medical data with any provider before an appointment to simplify the entire check-in and post-care process.

VM Doc simplifies the delivery of digital health and removes the burden for both physicians and patients.